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Simple Detoxification Support Remedies

Contributing Author: Woeller, Kurt D.O.

Kurt WoellerKurt N. Woeller, D.O. is an osteopathic physician who specializes in traditional osteopathic medicine, cranial osteopathy and integrative medicine. His primary focus is treating children with autism-spectrum disorders. He graduated in 1995 from the University of New England, College of Osteopathic Medicine. He currently lives and practices in Temecula, California. Dr. Woeller serves as a clinical consultant for Great Plains Laboratory teaching doctors the latest in biomedical diagnostic testing and treatment protocols for children with autism-spectrum disorders. He lectures nationwide for Great Plains Laboratory, as well independently regarding the benefits of biomedicine for children with autism.



Options to Enhance Detoxification

We all know that detoxification is a critical part of any natural health program. With respect to autism, supporting your child’s ability to remove toxins is essential. Listed below are a few simple things that you can do as a parent to enhance your child’s detoxification program.

Each listed item may be done one at a time or they may be implemented together. I have always found adding things one at a time more effective (and to avoid any confusion concerning reactions). Eventually, doing as many as possible simultaneously will bolster their effectiveness. These suggestions are very safe and gentle.

Step #1 – Pure Water

The importance of pure water cannot be overstated. Pure water is essential for life and helps flush toxins out of our bodies. Your child should be drinking at least half his or her weight in ounces of pure water every day. Therefore, a 40 pound child should consume at least 20 ounces.

Distilled water is a nice adjunct to our daily water consumption. For most individuals, drinking at least one glass a day is sufficient. I generally recommend starting the day with a glass of distilled water. If your child does not like water, then mix it with a small amount of juice. Finally, either a home water filtration system or a kitchen faucet filter is a good idea to cut down on potential pollutants in your water. I recommend both if possible, and many good brands exist.

Step #2 – Stop the Junk Food – Start Buying Organic!

This area is so important that I will be spending more time on it in future email postings. For now, I want you to realize that the choices you make concerning your child’s diet will have profound effects on his or her health in the long term. You cannot expect your child to regain his or her strength and vitality by feeding him or her dead and poisoned food. To me, eating “fast food” is the quickest way to disease.

Start buying organic. Studies have shown that eating organic fruits and vegetables provides a significantly higher amount of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants over conventional produce. For picky eaters, this will take some work. However, the benefits are long-term health and the whole-food nutrients that your child should be getting every day.

Step #3 – Buy a Juicer

Juicing is an incredible way to get high density nutrients into your child’s body. Whether carrots, beets, celery, fennel, etc., it doesn’t matter. Just start juicing, and every day if you can. The high density nutrients will help to flush toxins from the blood stream and, over the long term, really benefit your child’s health. What type of juicer is best? Champion and Omega are good brands. Ultimately, the brand does not matter. Just buy a juicer and go for it.

I often get asked about juicing not being natural, and that juice does not exist in nature. This is true. However, the way we live is also not natural. Fast food, fad diets, quick fix schemes, and processed and genetically modified food are not natural. Juicing is one way to really increase your child’s nutritional status. Finally, some children may at first be sensitive to the sugars in juice because of yeast issues, and phenols and/or oxalates sensitivities. If this is the case, then your child’s program can be modified, but do not let this stop you from initially introducing this important step.

Step #4 – Keep Your Child’s Bowels Moving

Eliminating constipation is critical to supporting any detoxification program. Most people are constipated. We should all move our bowels at least three times per day – once for every meal we eat. I am happy if my patients move their bowels twice daily. Kids are a little tougher depending on their age because they resist going to the bathroom. The goal is to keep working at helping them eliminate stool more consistently.

The following list of supplements can really help with constipation. They can be used individually or combined.

  • Lower Bowel Formula (Dr. Christopher’s Glycerin Extract) – start with half a dropperful with dinner, and increase by half a dropperful every evening as needed to help with bowel elimination.
  • Kid-e-Reg (Dr. Christopher’s Kid-e-Line) – one to three dropperfuls one to three times per day as needed.
  • Magnesium Citrate – taking 200–400 mg magnesium citrate at night can help with constipation.
  • High Dose Probiotics – increasing the amount of probiotics will help with constipation. You may need to use levels as high as 50 to 100 billion organisms of acidophilus and/or bifidobacter bacteria to assist with a stubborn digestive system. This high dosage of probiotics is not toxic; it just helps stimulate the elimination of stool.

Bathwater Support

I recommend that every child take a bath every night. This is a relaxing time for many children and also a good opportunity to add some therapy to your child’s bath water. Utilizing the skin is a beneficial way to support detoxification. Listed below are a few suggested remedies to add to your child’s bathwater. These can be combined or used individually. Initially, using each one separately before combining is a good idea.

  • Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) – Epsom salt can be purchased at most drug stores. I advocate two to three cups per tub at least three to four times per week.
  • Beyond Clean – use three to six teaspoons per tub three to four times per week.
  • Magnesium Chloride Oil – Adding one to two teaspoons to bathwater is suggested. You can also rub a magnesium gel (1 teaspoon) on your child’s skin after a bath.