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Holistic Lab Testing: Putting The Pieces Together

Contributing Author: Warnke, Cheryl L.Ac.

Cheryl WarnkeCheryl Warnke, LAc, is an acupuncturist and herbalist based in California, helping to resolve a broad variety of conditions including pain, gastrointestinal disorders, fatigue, and hormone imbalances. Because she believes in a holistic approach to health, she works to uncover the underlying cause of complex health issues instead of just masking symptoms. Cheryl has been using functional diagnostic testing for over a decade to complement her traditional Chinese approach, to help resolve even the most complex of patient cases.

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In my first article, I introduced a term that I've adopted that best describes to my patients the work I do with COREONE: "Holistic Lab Testing." I've often been asked at initial consultations, "Why would an acupuncturist, steeped in training based on ancient parameters of Oriental Philosophy, order lab testing?" Frankly, I do so because it coincides with the Traditional Oriental Medicine parameters that I follow when working with patients on a daily basis.

The parameters are: 1) The root cause is generally the nature and the primary aspect of the disease; and 2) Signs and symptoms are pieced together and synthesized, until a picture of the whole person appears.

I have been trained for years to diagnose and treat the individual in a holistic manner and to find the root cause of the disease. COREONE testing is a valuable, modern tool that gives me even more information to work with. In a nutshell, COREONE Labs and Oriental Medicine have a lot in common when it comes to diagnostic philosophy.

A COREONE seminar manual describes their lab testing as Functional Diagnostic Medicine (which I call Holistic Lab Testing): "... recognizing that abnormal lab values are often merely superficial markers of far deeper disorder. To achieve global, lasting remediation, the underlying disorder must be addressed rather than its more visible shadow."

The beauty of treating from a holistic viewpoint is that if you call me complaining of a myriad of seemingly unrelated disorders, then—if my diagnostic skills are astute—I can address the root cause of your illness and treat your symptomatic presentation. Once and for all, you can achieve a true state of wellness and overcome the imbalance or illness in your body.

I cannot tell you how many people have presented me with a long list of supplements, herbs, articles, tests, and opinions—and failed to achieve much success in diagnosing their problem and were unable to find the cause. This is what is exciting about the specialized lab testing that I do with COREONE. I have a tool to uncover various food intolerances and allergies, I can decipher the integrity of your digestive system, I can understand the exact function of your basic energy and the output of your hormones, and I can use all of this information to dovetail my diagnostics from an Oriental Medicine viewpoint.

The incredible thing about assessing the unique lab testing that I do with COREONE is that it reinforces the diagnostics of Oriental Medicine. The treatment plan I form is then based on the years of training that I have in holistic thinking. This treatment may include lifestyle evaluation, supplements, herbal formulas, and when appropriate, acupuncture to help the body heal.