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Chi to be Healthi!

Contributing Author: Rubin, Josh O.T.

Josh RubinJoshua Rubin graduated from American International College with a B.S. in Occupational Therapy. After working with the geriatric population for many years, he decided to take his career to the next level. By incorporating corrective exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaching with his rehabilitation background, he began working with individuals of all ages within the personal training industry. This is where he found his love for holistic coaching, and as a result of developing San Diego’s EastWest Healing & Performance in 2002, he is one of Southern California’s top Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, and Rehabilitation Specialist.

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In the world today, we as humans tend to focus on everything we can see, touch, smell, and hear. Our lives revolve around how much money we can make, what type of car we can buy, and how big of a house we can live in… keeping up with the Jones’s as we call it. There are many Jones’s in the world but many things continue to remain the same.

As humans, we still live in a self-destructive world, whether to ourselves, someone else, or to the environment. The divorce rate is higher than ever, people are becoming sicker at younger ages, and the nutritional and lifestyle habits of America are more unhealthy and habitual than ever. As practitioners, it is our job to educate our clients on how to live a life of increased health and vitality. Too many people think that if they feel sick, then they must be sick. How about the invisible and hidden symptoms that have led up to that point?

“Everything that is visible is the result of the Invisible.” - Yogananda. In this article, I am going to touch on such topics as physical sickness, mental sickness, soul sickness, and applying principles of the Universal Tao system ( to cultivate Chi through meditation and nutrition.

Everything in the universe has a vibration, from the cosmos, to our thoughts, down to the earth that you walk on and the blades of grass that you walk by. Vibrations as we perceive them are felt, seen, smelt, and heard. The other side to that coin is that most people never care to think about these vibrations. Is everything in the world felt, smelt, seen, or heard only if you can physically see it? “Eating, smelling fragrances, listening to music, beholding beautiful objects, touching pleasing things—these are evanescent pleasures, lasting only as long as the sensations of tasting, smelling, hearing, seeing and touching last, or until the mind becomes bored with a sensation and is temped by a new stimulus.” - Yogananda. If not, how can we tap into this invisible or unknown to be one step ahead in the game of life?

When I say that everything has a vibration, I say that everything in the world, whether visible or invisible, is always present, resonating at a specific frequency, and creating or receiving energy. God, light, energy, life force, or Chi is in everything and is everywhere. Can you see atoms while you walk down the street? No! Einstein said, “From no-thing comes everything.” So, is Einstein saying that even though we don’t see, smell, feel, or hear anything, energy is always moving around us, creating life and sustaining life?

This concept might be difficult for some people to grasp. If you really break matter (humans, plants, animals, etc.) down, we are all made up of a lot of the same chemicals and atoms. The body is made up of 72% oxygen, 13.4% carbon, 9.10% hydrogen, 2.5% nitrogen, 1.3% calcium, 1.25% phosphorus and many other elements in very small quantities. So, is man just the sum of these elements?

Of course not, but you cannot find a double blind study or simple explanation that can prove life (you could however, if you consider the subtler energies that cannot be seen)! By the way, commercially, that whole collection of elements would be valued at one dollar! We all encompass various types of energy. Similarly, we all need this life force to stay healthy and thrive on this planet. For example, we require the intake of oxygen, the movement of blood, and the intake of water/food to stay alive, as a plant requires the intake of nutrients, water, and microorganisms from the soil and atmosphere to stay alive. From plants to humans, we all require some sort of Chi (life force, energy) to stay alive on this planet. All life is based on movement; “no movement, no life” - Sills.

If you begin to think about the organs, you will notice that they all give (yang) or receive (yin) many forms of Chi. They are all designed to adsorb, assimilate, eliminate, move, or transmit energy in some way. If any of these functions become blocked, then the body’s energy systems can become toxic. “When obstructed, the internal organs store unhealthy energies that can overflow into other bodily systems and surface as negative emotions and sickness” Chai (1). Whether physical, emotional, EMF, environmental, or chemical stress, “stress is very often the root of many people’s problems, whether they recognize it or not” Chek (189).

Stress comes in many shapes and sizes. Most in society have the belief that stress equates to emotional stress at home or at work. That is a common form of stress, but there are four other manifestations of stress that they are missing because they can’t see, hear, smell, or feel them. If you look at Figure 1 (Chi Nei Tsang Pg. 2), you can see how stress of any kind can lead to not just a problem in one organ, but that it manifests itself throughout the entire body.

The end result is a negative cycle of energy loss, disrupted organ functions, neurological sequencing, and physiological toxicity. Just as a thought is invisible but turns into an action (visible), stress begins as invisible and, when it becomes chronic, it becomes visible in the form of symptoms.

You may be asking yourself at this point, “What is Chi?” Chi is “The circulating life energy that in Chinese philosophy is thought to be inherent in all things; in traditional Chinese medicine the balance of negative and positive forms in the body is believed to be essential for good health.” ( Chi is the invisible universal life force that permeates and nourishes everything in the universe, even the universe itself. Even though this force cannot be seen, it can be felt. Hang around a depressed individual for a day or two. Then ask yourself if you felt their Chi and what it felt like. Chi flows through our bodies in channels (meridians) and activates our bodily processes.

We collect Chi by eating foods and breathing air, but at various times in our lives, we will need to cultivate more Chi. This can be done by visceral massage and meditation, which I will explain in greater detail later on. Chi never goes away and it is always moving, expanding, revolving, and condensing energy into more energy, or into matter. The body is condensed matter of the Universal Chi (yang) and the Earth Chi (yin). Good Chi is flowing energy and bad Chi is blocked energy that creates toxic buildup.

For example, blood in the body is formed by combining food with Chi energy. Problems arise when both yin and yang become too hot (yang), too cold (yin), or become stagnant or blocked. “The Taoist sages of ancient China observed that humans often develop energy blockages in their internal organs that result in knots and tangles in their abdomens. These obstructions occur at the center of body’s vital functions and constrict the flow of Chi (energy), our life-force.” - Chai

“In Chinese philosophy, there are two opposing forces in the universe. Both are equal and necessary for harmony. Yang includes such principles as strong, active, bright, and male. Yin is weak, passive, dark, and female. The concept of Yin and Yang is represented by a circle with interlinking black and white halves.” ( Yin and yang are a duality or two different polarities that come from the original Wu Chi (refer to Awaken Healing Light of the Tao by Mantak Chia) to form matter, the human body. For example, if you think of how babies are formed, they come from nothing and everything is created from the egg (yin, female) and sperm (yang, male) uniting. The synergy of two opposing forces work together and create harmony, not dysfunction. To discuss Chi in the human body, I need to first define yin and yang more in detail.

Yin is hidden deep within the body and contracts down the body and inward. It is expressed as female, passive, interior, cold, water, dark, rest, moon, and earth. Your left side of your body is yin, receptive and is your female part. Certain organs are yin: liver, heart, spleen, pancreas, lungs, and kidneys. Yang is more superficial than yin and expands upward and outward from the body. It is expressed as male, creative, full, active, day, motion, hot, exterior fire, heaven, and sun. The right side of your body is yang, giving and is your male aspect. Certain organs are yang: gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, and bladder. Even though you are a duality, yin and yang are expressed together, not separately.

They consistently influence each other, harmonizing the body when in balance. When they are out of balance (too hot or too cold), the Chi is disrupted and one manifests more than the other. Dysfunction is the end result and the visible symptoms are our creator’s effort to alarm us of our ignorance. “Man suffers because of his errors; and the root cause of error is ignorance.” (49) Yogananda. Thus, illness can be understood as a lesson you have given yourself to help you remember who you are.

According to A.E. Powell in The Etheric Double, “great an exuberance of it in the nervous system may lead to disease and death, just as too little leads to exhaustion and ultimately death.” Pertaining to this article, Chi can be balanced, too yang, or too yin (the latter). If you are a negative person secondary to life doing you (chronic pain, poor posture, poor nutrition and lifestyle, i.e., you have a “victim mentality”), do you really think that your Chi can move fluidly in, out, and throughout your body?

If you break that down and think about our obese, ADHD, and diabetic world of robotic human do-ings and not human beings, do you think people have too much or too little Chi in their lives? To understand this, consider our highway systems. If the pavement is not taken care of, then travel on them is difficult. Eventually, roads will close and people will have trouble getting from point A to point B. In conclusion, energy and humans will not be able to flow from point A to point B. People will be stuck walking around, riding bikes, or staying at home. Civilization will become slower and more stagnant, as do the toxins in your body when we have energy blockages and a lack of synergy between yin and yang.

To simplify this explanation, let us use the simple topic of thought (a catalyst in everything that we do: thought´é«words´é«action) and relate it to Chi within the body. Liz Simpson, author of The Book of Chakra Healing, affirms “…that thoughts and the mind precede and affect physical matter. After all what is thought but a form of energy.” Burying our thoughts about something or someone and not expressing how we honestly feel can have a negative effect on the body’s energy systems. Most of the people that we deal with are surrounded by negativity (either internal or external) within their personal and professional lives. This negativity manifests within them and before they know it, they become a product of their environment. Like attracts like! When we hold in or express our thoughts in a negative way, we create those vibrations through our body. “Negative feelings, thoughts and attitudes eat at our body. Positive feelings, thoughts and attitudes feed our body— nourish our body—sustain our body” (Truman). Thoughts vibrate through the entire body, but to be specific, they relate to the third eye or the sixth chakra. This chakra accepts energy from the universe through the brow center between the eyes. This energy then moves through the body, creating what is called the Governor and Functional channels of the Microcosmic Orbit. When we hold thoughts in, these channels are disrupted, toxins build up, become stagnant, and do not allow Chi to flow to the higher self (creators, gurus avatars, God, etc.) Our thoughts are the drive and motivation of movement, as well as the life force of our mental well being.

How does this relate to life? When it comes down to it, within the universe, like attracts like. As John McMullin says, we vibrate at the frequency of our beliefs. If you are a positive person, than you will create positive energy, good things will happen, goals will be achieved, you will control life, and vice versa. Practitioners sometimes wonder why they have so many complaining clients who are unmotivated. Like attracts like. “You are what you think, having become what you thought.” Buddha

Before I go any further, let me explain the three types of basic energy that make the microcosm (man) and the macrocosm (universe). The first type is Universal Force or Heavenly Energy from above (cosmos, stars, and planets energies). This energy connects our organs to energy above, providing constant nourishment to the mind, body, and soul. This force comes down (yang, giving, male) from above to feed the brain, spine and reproductive system. It is also the Governor’s Channel that begins at the head, enters through the brain, runs over the crown (top of head), down the midpoint between the eyes, and ends at the roof of the mouth, where it connects with the Functional Channel. This brings us to the second form of energy, Earth Energy from below, earth, nature (yin, receiving, female). This force is yin (receiving, female) energy that comes up from the earth, running up the front of the body from the perineum to the tip of the tongue. It connects with the Governor Channel above at this point. This channel governs the fetus or menstrual cycle. The last force of nature is Human Plane or Cosmic Energy, which flows in space (cosmic dust, light particles). This energy is taken in when we breathe to nourish the glands, organs, and senses. It can be felt very easily when you collect it during meditation.

All three of these forces of nature are constantly pervading in, on, through, and around us. “The microcosm is a mirror image of the macrocosm. The universe within is the same as the universe without.” - Chai. To some all of this up: as above, so below!

Let’s start with the most common part of humans that we tend to focus on, the physical being. Every client that walks through your door has, most of the time, the same goals as the last client that walked through your door. They want to tone up, lose weight, get rid of low back pain, and simply want to feel better. Is this really the answer to being healthy? With age, people encounter physiological changes, including:

1. Decline in aerobic capacity
2. Decrease in the elasticity of connective tissue
3. Decline in bone strength and density
4. Loss of neural functioning
5. Decline in muscle fiber number and size
6. Changes in metabolic health (insulin/glucose tolerance, decline in metabolic rate)
7. Major changes in posture, with an increase in degenerative joint disease

The physical being is your creator’s last effort in communicating to you that something is seriously wrong. Today, more and more children and young adults have serious health issues. Many years ago, the majority of people with major health issues were the elderly. Years of damage through various types of stressors (physical, mental, emotional, chemical, environmental, and EMF) results in energy blocks from these negative vibrations in the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies, which create the physical body. This in turn has a profound effect on the body’s energy systems and organs, causing poor posture, chronic pain, and lack of a sense of self. Here is a quick example.

When we are young, most of the time we are being told what we can’t do, as well as being told “NO!” for things we have done. Deep down, these negative vibrations are stored over time and eventually end up creating dysfunction from all of the toxicity created. Being controlled and pushed down in this fashion can decrease one’s self-esteem and self-worth. How would you stand if you felt this way? Would you stand with a good, upright posture or with a slouched, world-bearing-down-on-you, trying-to-hide posture?

When it comes to being healthy, focusing all your time and energy into your physical being is one piece to the puzzle. “Health is not merely of the body. It is the natural expression of the body, mind, and soul when they are in rhythm with the One Life. True health is the harmony of life within us, consisting of peace of mind, happiness, and well-being. It is not merely a question of physical fitness, but rather a result of the soul finding free expression through the mind and body of that individual. Such a person radiates peace and happiness and everyone in his presence automatically feels happy and contented.” Dr. Stone (Sills, 92).

By focusing all of their time and energy on the physical being, Americans begin to identify with themselves through how good they look or, even worse, with the clothes they wear or the cars they drive. The exterior aspects of life start to define them, rather than the internal. “Material objects that give pleasure remain outside the mind.” - Yogananda. What this means is that we associate joy, happiness, and fulfillment with buying a Porsche, Prada shoes, or a Gucci bag. When these external objects of gratification are destroyed or are no longer of value, the joy, happiness, and fulfillment go are destroyed with them. So, if you focus all of your time and energy on gratifying the physical being, you will never reach eternal health and bliss. Focus your joy inward at your mind and inner body to gratify your soul.

If you begin to understand and learn that there is much more to us than we know, you will begin to focus your time on the journey to health, not on the destination. Health is not having six-pack abs, tanned skin, and eating chicken breasts all the time. Health is taking responsibility for yourself in all aspects of your life.

As a CHEK Practitioner, I would have to say 99.99% of the clients that I see from all over the world (the majority of whom earn a six-figure salary) have some of the same things in common:

1. Lack of self-esteem (what they think about themselves) and self-worth (what they think others think about them)
2. Are mentally and emotionally needy
3. Are in some type of relationship were they are the rescuer or victim
4. In many ways are self-destructive
5. Have lots of money and continue to be unhappy and/or in some type of pain, secondary to believing that money brings true happiness
6. Have tried every diet and exercise program in existence
7. Their goals are all aesthetic
8. All have GI problems among other issues
9. I could keep going!

When working with clients like this, getting to the bottom of things is somewhat simpler. Educate and coach them on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of their life. The process can be lengthy, but the outcome is always the same. Their physical being begins to morph into a bright, vibrant, energetic, goal-oriented, physically fit individual, just by re-establishing or creating the Chi flow in the body. The physical body is actually a representation of every thought, feeling, and emotion in your body. If this is not something you feel you can work on with a client, “when in doubt, refer out.” Cultivating Chi by meditation and massage are two of the many ways to help clients with mental, emotional, and spiritual sickness.

One of the more important and immediate things that I do when initially talking with or meeting with a client is to begin to assess him or her. Using your eyes and ears is a simple, but very effective initial assessment of tone of language, facial expressions, and body language of your potential or new client. You can gather a lot of information just by interviewing a client and by visually getting a picture of what the physical body is actually expressing. As you become more of a grounded human being, you will feel the client’s energy. Most of the intuitive thinking that you initially do when you meet a client is energy moving into your auric field.

The simplest way to cultivate Chi in the body is by doing chakra or zone balancing exercises. There are seven chakras in the body and they are as follows: (diagram)

7. Crown (pineal gland). Control center for efficient functioning of the mental, emotional, and physical being.

6. Third Eye (pituitary gland). Influences growth, metabolism, women’s intuition during pregnancy, and general body chemistry

5. Throat (thyroid and parathyroid). Metabolic rate, mental development, linked with forms of communication.

4. Heart (thymus). Stimulates general growth, the purifying role of lymphocyte production, emotional link to the immune system.

3. Solar Plexus (pancreas). Digestion of food, production of insulin.

2. Sacral (testes and ovaries). Development of sexuality and hormones, emotional balance.

1. Root (adrenals). Regulates metabolism of fats, protein, carbohydrates, balance of salt in our body, physical survival.

When your chakras are spinning too quickly or too slowly, you will have emotional, physical, and glandular dysfunction. For example, most Americans have GI problems. Whether it is IBS, Crohn’s disease, or something less severe, such as constipation or diarrhea, these symptoms show up in the Solar Plexus (3rd chakra). People with dysfunction in this area have difficulty with personal power and self-will. Their dysfunctions are listed below:

Physical: stomach ulcers, fatigue, fat around the stomach, digestive problems (leaky gut, food in stool, constipation, etc.)

Gland: pancreas (blood sugar dysfunctions) and adrenal (chronic fatigue) dysfunction

Too Open (yang): angry, controlling, workaholic, judgmental, superior to others

Too Closed (yin): fear of being alone, fear of what others think, insecurity

If you or a client has symptoms in this area, doing chakra 1 and 3 exercises will assist in balancing these dysfunctions. Why do chakra 1 exercises, you ask? The Chinese use a system of the Five Phases of Energy (put in diagram) to understand the relationships between each ether (earth, water, metal/air, fire, and wood/ether), organ (yin or yang), season, and how each one controls or affects another.

This can be a confusing system for many, so in my experience, using the Chakras and the Law of Creation is much easier. For a client with GI problems (daughter=symptoms), we need to determine the source of the symptoms. We are looking for the mother of the 3rd Chakra, which is the Root Chakra, or the 1st. This chakra is linked to the adrenal glands, mental lethargy, unfocused behavior, difficulty achieving goals, self-destructive behavior, being emotionally needy, decreased self-esteem, and lack of “support” or the “root” within one’s life. Does any of that sound familiar? If you look at society as a whole, the symptoms you see the most are within the 3rd Chakra.

Even just looking at it physically, most people are overweight and have Budweiser tumors. When it comes down to it, the majority of the people in our society have a Root Chakra dysfunction, secondary to never having had their physical needs met during childhood, and they are not being met in adulthood. They continue to marry the personalities of their moms and dads, who failed to meet their physical needs in the first place. Life to them is a Ferris wheel, it just keeps going around and around, while nothing ever changes—a simplified yet accurate explanation.

To slow down or accelerate the Chi in each chakra, you need to perform balancing or Chi cultivating exercises. The tough part is knowing which chakra to focus on. There are many ways to do this, but the easiest and most inexpensive way is to use the Law of Creation system in relation to the chakras. For more information, refer to the works cited below or find a CHEK practitioner at and learn more about the Chakra system.

The following are simple examples of Chi cultivating exercises. These should be done daily to nourish the body of Chi. From the look of the exercises, most would think that they just focus on the physical part of the being. For your clients’ sake, letting them think that is fine. From a deeper level, you are massaging and nourishing various organs, glands, and emotions within the other bodies (astral, mental, and causal).

In the beginning of this article, I explained the Microcosmic Orbit Channels and how they related to the body and to life. Now, I would like to explain how to go about opening these channels to ensure the flow of Chi through the organs from the universe above and the earth below. I have explained the types of energy that exist. How do you cultivate them into the body? Many techniques exist from many different disciplines. I have found that these work well, secondary to you becoming one with the self through silent communication with the organs, the heaven above, and earth below. The communication between all of these nourishes, massages, and enlightens the inner soul.

Before beginning each session, you need to understand how to open the gates of life and death. These are the perineum or anus, as we Americans call them. The anus is split into five parts: middle, right, left, front, and back. If the gate is not properly sealed, life force or Chi can escape and vitality suffers. To bring the Chi back up into the body, you will use what are called the Thrusting Channels. This is an easy process that can be done to open and detoxify the Chi channels to the many organs in the middle, right, left, front, and back sides of the body. When you begin your meditation session, depending on what organ you feel is too hot or too cold, you will choose one of the following exercises.


This part of your anus connects with the following organs:

a. vagina/uterus
b. aorta and vena cava
c. stomach
d. heart
e. thyroid/parathyroid
f. pituitary
g. pineal gland
h. top of the head

To reopen and detoxify this channel, begin by focusing yin energy from the earth below up through the anus. Once you feel the energy at the anus, contract the middle part, which will pass Chi into and through these organs. Also, if you feel that one specific area is more deficient or congested than others, stop the Chi in the one area, let it resonate, and then pull it up through the rest of the organs by contracting the middle part of your anus again.


This part of your anus connects with the following organs:

a. prostate gland
b. bladder
c. small intestine
d. stomach
e. thymus gland
f. front part of the brain

To open and detoxify this channel, begin by pulling yin energy from the earth below. Once you feel the energy at your anus, contract the front part and direct the energy up through the organs above. If you feel that one area is more deficient or congested, stabilize the Chi in that specific organ and then contract the front anus again to move it along through the rest of the organs.


This part of your anus connects with the following organs/skeletal structures:

a. the entire spine
b. cerebellum

To open and detoxify this channel, begin by pulling yin energy up from the earth to the anus. Once you feel the energy at the door to the anus, contract the back part and channel the Chi up through the sacrum to the cerebellum. If you feel deficient or congested in a particular area, resonate the Chi in that specific area, and then contract the back part of the anus again to allow the Chi proceed through the rest of the channel.


The left part of the anus connects with the following organs:

a. left ovary
b. left large intestine
c. left kidney
d. left adrenal gland
e. spleen
f. left lung
g. left hemisphere of the brain

To open or detoxify this channel, begin by bringing yin energy up from the earth to the left part of the anus. Contract the left side and channel the energy up through these organs (only left side). If you feel deficient or congested in any particular area, have the Chi resonate in that area, then contract the left part of the anus again to move the Chi up through the rest of the organs.


This part of your anus connects with the following organs:

a. right ovary
b. large intestine
c. right kidney
d. right adrenal gland
e. liver/gall bladder
f. right lung
g. right hemisphere of the brain

To open and detoxify this channel, begin by collecting yin Chi from the earth. Bring the Chi up to the right side of the anus. Contract the right side of the anus to move the Chi up through these organs. If you feel deficient or congested in any particular area, resonate the Chi there for some time. Then contract the right side of the anus again to move the Chi up through the rest of the channel.

The first type of meditation entails collecting the cosmic particle force and joining it into circulation with the human plane energy. This can seem somewhat corny to most clients, but if explained at a level where the client understands its importance, then accountability is inevitable. By opening the microcosmic orbit, you enable yourself to communicate with the heavenly force above and the mother earth force below. The combination of these two in the body creates a synergistic healing relationship not only for you, but for you to use with your clients.

Now that you know what yin and yang are, as well as how to open the Chi channels, let me explain how you receive energy from each to balance you out. The first exercise addresses how to receive yang (male, universal) Chi to balance out the yin (female, earth) Chi:

1. You can do this exercise either sitting or standing. Make sure you do this in a quiet area, preferable outside. The best place to do this is in nature, at the beach, or in a nice garden.
2. Close your eyes and concentrate on your navel center until you begin to feel warmth accumulating there.
3. Once you feel the Chi intensify, focus on moving it up to the crown (7th chakra). Project the Chi up and out, while directing it at a slight arc back towards the ground.
4. As the Chi moves down, direct it towards the third eye (6th chakra) and bring it in. Funnel it down the nose, through the throat, heart, and navel and resonate it into the sexual center (sacrum area).
5. Let the rest of the Chi move down into the ground. Get a feel for how hard it is initially for you to penetrate mother earth. Is it difficult or somewhat easy for you?
6. Once you penetrate mother earth, let the Chi run up into the soles of the feet, into the coccyx, the spine, and back up to the crown.
7. Project it up again and repeat steps 1–6. Do this process 9, 18, or 36 rounds, as slowly as you can.
8. The more you do this, be aware of the Chi that you are cultivating. Is it thin/thick, slow/fast, white/colored, soft/hard, etc.? Also, as you do this exercise, you may see certain colors or light. Make sure to take this light in and store it in the navel center. This is the storage area for Chi and is believed to be the unifying place for the mind, body, and soul. (Picture)

The second exercise addresses how to receive yin Chi to balance out the yang:

1. This exercise can be done either sitting or standing. Make sure you do this exercise in a quiet area, preferable outside. The best place to do this exercise is in nature, at the beach, or in a nice garden.
2. Close your eyes and concentrate on your navel center until you begin to feel warmth accumulating there.
3. To increase the yin Chi, all you have to do is reverse the entire process from the example above.
4. Shoot the Chi down into the ground, absorb the earth’s force, and bring it up and out of the earth in front of you.
5. Absorb the cosmic particle force and project it up and into an arc over the crown.
6. Bring the energy in through the crown, spine, coccyx, and legs.
7. Project it down again and repeat steps 1–6. Do this process 9, 18, or 36 rounds, as slowly as you can. (picture)

There are many various ways to cultivate Chi, but for a beginner these two exercises are easy to do. They don’t require a lot of time or energy, and can be done anywhere, anytime. By incorporating these two exercises into your daily life, you will begin to not only cultivate Chi, but you will be nourishing and healing your inner being.

The next way to cultivate Chi in the body is through massage. This can be done by oneself, by another practitioner, or by smiling at your organs while doing the above exercises. For the sake of the article, I will explain to you how to massage certain organs, which is very effective to do not only to oneself, but is great to teach your clients.

To understand the relationship of the holistic approach to healing, let me explain briefly how each organ relates to and affects another. The Chinese use what is called the Cycle of Creation. This cycle establishes a relationship between the five phases of Chi (earth, metal, winter, wood, and fire). All of these phases of Chi relate to specific viscera and seasons. The cycle below shows the relationship and development of each (insert cycle diagram).

The creation of each element is as of the relationship between a mother and daughter. The wood/spring element creates nourishment to maintain the child element, fire/summer. This Chi then nourishes, mothers, and creates the harvesting earth/Indian summer element. This element brings to life the beginning of metal/autumn, which fosters water/winter. This is the end of the cycle of creation, as well as the cycle of our year. Soon after winter, spring will be brought forth again.

Learning the cycle of creation is a great tool to use when assessing clients. The cycle above shows a mother/daughter relationship between each cycle. So, if you have an organ that is too yin (cold, deficient), then look back at the element/organ that precedes it. This organ is the mother of the sick, deficient, and cold organ. You can also use the Law of Control, which “establishes a way for an organ to cross-check, contain, and temper an organ that is trying to overwhelm a weaker organ.” - Chai.

According to this law, the liver controls the spleen, which controls the kidneys, which controls the heart, which controls the lungs, and the lungs control the liver (insert diagram). As you can see, if your client has issues with fear (kidneys), then you would move backwards and look at the stomach/spleen/pancreas (worry, anxiety). You are cross-checking with the stomach/spleen/pancreas to keep the kidneys in check.

Each yin organ below is associated with a yang organ. Additionally, each organ is associated with an element, season, color, emotion, and sound (frequency). The healing of the organs through massage and sound frequencies is quiet effective. In the following sections, I explain each organ and its associations, and show you how to self-massage that specific organ.


Associated yang organ: large intestine

Element: metal/air

Season: Fall

Color: white

Emotions: negative=grief, depression; positive=courage

Sound: Sssssssssss

Can be practiced to alleviate symptoms of sadness, depression, colds, flu, toothaches, asthma, and emphysema.


Associated yang organ: Bladder

Element: water

Season: Winter

Color: dark blue

Emotions: negative= fear; positive=gentleness

Sound: Choooooooooooo

Can be practice if experiencing symptoms of fear, fatigue, dizziness, ringing in the ears, and back pain.


Associated yang organ: gall bladder

Element: wood

Season: Spring

Color: green

Emotions: negative=anger; positive=kindness

Sound: Shhhhhhhhhhh

Can be practiced if experiencing symptoms of anger, red or watery eyes, sour or bitter taste in the mouth, and liver detoxification problems.


Associated yang organ: small intestine

Element: fire

Season: Summer

Color: red

Emotions: negative=impatience, hastiness, arrogance, cruelty; positive=joy, honor, sincerity

Sound: Hawwwwwwwwww

Can be practiced if experiencing symptoms of sore throat, cold sores, swollen gums or tongue, moodiness, jumpiness, and heart disease.


Associated yang organ: pancreas, stomach

Element: earth

Season: Indian summer

Color: yellow

Emotions: negative=worry; positive=fairness

Sound: Whoooooooooo

Can be practiced if experiencing symptoms of diarrhea, digestion problems, and nausea.

The above information can throw most for a loop. The basic premise is that each organ relates to a specific element, season, color, emotion, and sound. When it comes to cultivating Chi, any of these can be used within the session or anything that we do in life, for that matter. As I go over Chi Meditation and Self Massage in the following paragraphs, you will get a better understanding of how to use the information that I’ve just provided. The goal is to slow down and heal the inner you by reestablishing normal Chi flow through a deficient or overactive organ.

The first organ that we will cover is the lungs. You cannot discuss the lungs without talking about the diaphragm. As you all know, the diaphragm is a dome-shaped muscle that originates at the xiphoid process, the lower six ribs, the upper lumbar vertebra and inserts into central tendon. It is the muscle that is primarily responsible for respiration by flowing Chi into the lungs. If the diaphragm becomes tense for any reason, then it will inhibit the lungs from working to their fullest capacity. An easy way to assess a client’s breathing pattern is by the following.

1. Have your client lay supine or sit up straight
2. Put one hand on his or her chest and one on the belly
3. Ask him or her to inhale and then exhale
4. Watch for the breathing pattern, and feel the timing of each muscle group
5. Correct breathing pattern: diaphragmatic breath (belly breath) with the chest moving the last 1/3 of the breath

According to the Chinese, the lungs are considered the “Sea of Chi.” You breathe in air, which mixes with Chi in the blood (from the food you ate). The more Chi you breathe in and the healthier the foods that you eat, the better off the functions of your organs will be. Many people overlook the large intestine (yang organ) when working with clients with respiratory problems. A large intestine backed up with constipation will push up into the diaphragm and lungs. This can cause many side effects, but for the purpose of this article, incorporating self-massage on the large intestine can help relieve the lungs, as well as some long overdo gas and poop.

Self Meditation:
Begin by sitting upright in a chair with palms up on your lap (one of each leg) and eyes closed, focusing down on the lungs. Take a deep breath in, moving the hands up in front of the body, as if you were picking up the lungs. Continue to inhale, and as the palms come into alignment with the mouth begin to turn the palms up to the heaven and breathe out. Once you have fully exhaled, move the palms back down to your lap again (palms up). Repeat this step three to nine times, or as many times as needed. When you have completed the exercise, end the session by smiling down at your lungs to restore and maintain the Chi within your lungs, as well as calm them down. If you are a sound-oriented person, put your teeth together with your tongue behind them and make an ‘sssssssssss’ sound as you exhale during the movement. If you are a color-oriented person, picture a large white light radiate up from the lungs and out the mouth as you inhale and exhale.

Self Massage:
Self massaging the lungs can be done various ways. To simplify it, begin with the steps below:

1. Stand or sit upright with eyes closed
2. Smile down at the lungs and bring Chi into your hands
3. Do the microcosmic orbit meditation and contract the right side of the anus
4. Tap the right lung as hard as you can tolerate, bringing Chi into the lung
5. Repeat for the left lung

The next organ that we discuss is the kidneys (associated with the bladder). The kidneys pulse and pump, just as the heart does. They are also the deepest organs in the body and according to the Chinese, which makes them the most yin of the yin organs. Their function is to remove all excess fluids by filtering byproducts from the body’s physiological reactions. They also regulate the blood’s mineral balance and the body’s acid balance. The kidneys produce the water Chi within the body and control the energy to and from all sexual organs. If you think about that statement and look at most middle-aged men in America, you most likely see that they all have a decreased libido, and are severely dehydrated. The worst part is that most are on Viagra to combat a simple dehydration issue. Hopefully, some of you out there working with clients with sexual dysfunctions can recommend two things: more water and the exercise below.

Self Meditation:
Begin by sitting upright in a chair, closing your eyes and becoming aware of your kidneys. Place your legs together and make sure that your legs knees and ankles are touching. Take a deep breath in and bend forward, grabbing you knees from the front. Pull back on the arms, lift the head up and breath out, making a ‘Chooooooo’ sound or imagine yourself inhaling/exhaling a dark blue color. Once you have completely exhaled, sit back to an upright position. Smile down at your kidneys, bringing the healing Chi and awareness into them. Pay attention to the warmth and energy that you and your kidneys will feel after you have completed your session. Repeat this process three to nine times, or as many times as needed.

Self Massage:
The kidneys may build up waste within them, creating a toxic environment. To shake out the harmful sediment and prevent dysfunction, follow the simple steps below:1. contract the right and left sides of the anus and bring the Chi into your hands
2. use one hand at a time and make a fist
3. hit your kidney just under the 12th rib on your back (this will help to release all the sediment)
4. after doing this on both kidneys, rub your hands together to warm them
5. rub both kidneys with the palms of your hands

The liver is located in the right upper quadrant of the abdominal region, under the ribcage. The liver has many functions, such as the following:

1. stores blood and minerals
2. prepares carbohydrates for storage in the body by breaking them down
3. produces fats and antibodies
4. produces bile salts that are distributes to the gall bladder and into the small intestine for the absorption of fats
5. is an organ that detoxifies the body of chemicals, foods, and toxins that we ingest
6. is associated with anger

If 5 and 6 above continue to stress the liver, then detoxification of the body will not happen. Instead of having a nice environment for Chi within the body, you end up with Chi sewage. The liver, according to the Chinese, is where the spiritual souls live. If the environment is unpleasant for them, they will leave. Their departure can be disastrous to the mind and body, so follow the steps below and the processes in this article and you will have your spiritual souls forever.

Self Meditation:
Begin by sitting upright in a chair, close your eyes and smile down at your liver to make a connection between the eyes and the liver. Raise your arms out to the side with palms up, then over your head and take a deep inhalation. Follow with the eyes (closed) and then lace the fingers together as the palms continue to face up. Feel the stretch on the body and then slightly laterally flex yourself to the left. This will open up and put a gentle stretch on the liver. Once you come back to center, exhale (all your negative emotions=anger) as you softly make the ‘Shhhhhhhhhhh’ sound. Also picture yourself breathing the color green. Once you have exhaled, push your arms down and back to the side with palms facing down this time, inhaling kindness into the liver. Repeat this process three to nine times or as many times as needed.

Self Massage:
Now that you know where your liver is located and have filled it with lots of good Chi, it is time to heal it.

1. begin by contracting the right side of the anus and bringing the Chi into your hands
2. put your left hand on your liver, with the right hand over your left hand
3. begin by moving your hands in a slow circular motion
4. proceed to making side to side movements, then scooping movements with your hands

The heart is one of the busiest organs in the body and should be considered in a league of its own. The heart needs to be in working order for the rest of the body to get Chi. The Chi is everywhere, but if not for the heart, it would be stagnant.

Self Meditation:
The heart meditation is similar to the liver meditation described above. Put yourself in the same position and use the same movements, except for a slight lean to the right. Use the ‘Hawwwwwwwwww’ sound and the color red. As you inhale, focus on pulling in joy, spirit, and light. As you exhale, focus on ridding your heart of cruelty, arrogance, and impatience. Repeat this process three to nine times or as many times as needed.

Self Massage:
To release the buildup of negativity and toxins within the heart:

1. contract the left side of the anus and bring the Chi up into the hands
2. place your right hand over your heart and slap it lightly three to nine times

The spleen is located on the upper left quadrant of the abdomen under the stomach. It is a large organ responsible for filtering, storing, and cleaning blood. This organ is vital in the cultivation of Chi for two reasons. One, it is in charge of extracting Chi from the food we eat, mixing it with the Chi from the lungs, and distributing it accordingly. Two, it is in charge of transporting Chi from the limbs and muscles into the body, as well as into the earth.

Self Meditation:
Sit upright in a chair, close your eyes and become aware of you spleen by smiling down at it. Take a deep inhalation, place your left hand on top of your right hand, and place them on the spleen. Push your hands lightly into the spleen as you extend your back. Exhale and make the ‘Whoooooooooo’ sound, expressing the negativity (worry, pity) out of the spleen. Also picture yourself breathing the color yellow as you go through this process. Breathe in again and focus on taking positive Chi (compassion, centering) into the spleen. Repeat this process three to nine times or as many times as needed.

Self Massage:
To increase the circulation and Chi within the spleen, daily self massage will assist in shaking off negative sediment.

1. contract the middle part of your anus and bring Chi up into your hands
2. place your left hand over the right and place them on the spleen
3. move you hands from left to right

When it comes to working with clients, a lot of this information does not sit well. Most people in the U.S. are fearful of going against the grain, which most of the time would be acting upon their beliefs. Too many people are so caught up with what others will think of them, that doing what they want is not an option, as not getting attention, love, or sympathy from others makes one feel alone. If you go along with society, society will meet your needs. However, if you follow you own belief system, you will meet you needs, which is much more rewarding. The fear is over what others will think or say about us. Most of the time, others are jealous that you are being a human be-ing and not a human do-ing. Being fearful of the unknown is normal, but fear is just the absence of love. What is love? Love is acceptance and understanding within oneself. Of course, if we don’t have love, we must act like alligators to protect ourselves and our territory. When working with these types of societal robots, you must “tell them what they want to hear and give them what they need.” (Chek).

I often begin with clients by addressing the nutritional and lifestyle factors that can increase the amount of Chi that flows though the body. This is a big topic, as well as a tough one to educate your clients on. Most people are comfortable with the way they eat or don’t eat because it is convenient. At the same time, America knows everything there is to know about nutrition, right? I educate people that health is not about convenience and neither is the body. The most difficult hurdle to overcome is the constant bombardment in the media about a new diet, about how fats are unhealthy, about how all you need to do is perform cardio 20 minutes a day to lose weight, and so on. You are not fighting a battle with your clients, but with their belief systems. Most of your clients live according to society’s beliefs and don’t even know it. So, this education process needs to be full of ammunition (books, articles, handouts, stats, etc.). If you feel that a client is not interested in what you have to say about nutrition, then you need to change your approach.

Everything that we put in our mouths has or should have energy in it. If you look at the C.R.A.P. (Caffeine, Refined/processed foods, Alcohol/Aspartame, Pasteurized/homogenized milk) diet of America, this is a diet filled with nonfoods. These nonfoods provide us with no Chi, secondary to them being dead. When we eat a nonfood, we use more energy to break it down, digest it, and eliminate it, than the energy it provides. So, if you are eating a dead food, how can you expect to have energy, think straight, focus, be free of disease, and feel good? If you are always expending Chi, but never cultivating it, in the end you are going to end up empty.

America’s C.R.A.P. diet consists of dead and toxic foods that do nothing but harm our bodies’ energy systems. Let me give you a basic example, so you can understand how eating even so-called healthy, “low-fat” food can affect the body’s Chi flow. Most people wake up every day and begin their day with coffee, eat a small breakfast or sometimes do not eat anything until lunch, have an afternoon Starbuck’s, eat dinner and dessert, then hit the sack around eleven o’clock or midnight. They wake up the next day around six a.m. (usually after having tossed, turned, and sweated all night) to do it all over again.

I could write all day about the effects on the body of this vicious “ground hog day” cycle that pervades America, but I will not. I am going to make it simple for you: “you are what you eat!” If you think of your body’s energy reserves like a bank account, this will start to make sense. You are beginning the day with little money in your account, secondary to the coffee in the morning, and with minimal or no food deposited into your account. Your lunch is your first deposit, but you then withdraw twice as much by drinking your afternoon “pick me up” coffee.

The next time you eat, you are already running behind, so that meal doesn’t really do much for you. The dessert that you eat taps into your overdraft account again, bringing you into the negative. On top of that, you sleep less than the eight hours (10pm to 6am) that your body needs to repair itself, along with eating nonfoods all day. So, while you thought you were depositing energy=money into your account all day, you were actually playing catch up. This is why clients are sluggish, overweight, and have no mental or physical energy for their workouts.

Here are some key principles that your clients can follow, to help them begin to reestablish the Chi flow through their bodies:

1. Eliminate the C.R.A.P diet
2. Eat for your Metabolic Type, and maintain a diet consisting of organic foods
3. Each day, drink half your body weight in ounces of water, with a pinch of Celtic Sea Salt
4. Go to bed no later than 10pm and up no earlier than 6am (physical repair is between 10-2 and mental repair is between 2-6)
5. Perform daily meditation (breathing or Chi cultivating exercises)
6. Eat right, drink right, and think right to be right!

Another important piece to your clients’ well-being is addressing their spiritual, mental, and emotional needs. Regardless of a person’s age, people are subjected to many stressors. Much of the population has not been educated about stressors and how they affect the body, such as how medication affects a person’s spiritual and emotional well-being. Negative mental energy disrupts the body’s energy systems (chakras), which can result in blocking and a decrease in the flow of Chi within the body. All of these issues create disharmony and permeate throughout the body, causing a manifestation within the endocrine system that flows into our physical being. Therefore, educating our clients on positive thinking alone and changing the mindset will produce positive energy vibrations throughout the body.

Many people battle ailments as they age, such as diabetes, increased cholesterol, increased blood pressure, mental and emotional fatigue, and physical stress and body weight issues. People move less, stay indoors more often, eat unhealthy foods, and lack the social interaction needed to stimulate brain activity. People make decisions based on what they have been told by doctors, friends, and what’s on television, not based on what they have learned from other sources. As a result, the public purchases cheap supplements and fad exercise equipment, eats fast food, and consumes prescribed medications with little knowledge of what they are or how they will affect one’s body. This is a vicious cycle that can lead to a myriad of problems, and most people continue to feel horrible and cannot understand why.

Educating people about the mind and spirit, and how they are linked to our body’s physical being, is important. Thinking back to the issues that an older client developed, it becomes apparent where those issues came from. Most people have metabolic, hormonal, visceral, and emotional issues that are difficult to overcome. By looking closer at the body’s seven energy systems (chakras), you can get a better understanding of the source of all their symptoms.

As you begin working with a client, you’ll find that he or she often has disease, injury, or problems related to one of the endocrine glands or has issues that lead back to the endocrine glands. Older clients that I have worked with have issues with their metabolism, decreased sex drive, insulin or other blood sugar problems, decreased immunity, chronic fatigue, trouble sleeping, back pain, and poor physical, emotional, and mental well-being. These conditions relate to each of the seven chakras in one way or another. By educating our clients about their spiritual and emotional being, we can start to create the energy flow through the chakras again, and connect with their higher consciousness.

An easy example to help you understand how our chakras are affected is by watching how our mental states influence them. Thinking or expressing happy thoughts sends good vibrations through the body, and vice versa with negative thoughts. Try this quick experiment. Yell as loudly as you can the word “NO” and be aware of how this makes your entire body feel. Do the same thing with the word “YES.” You should notice that when you yelled “NO,” you feel somewhat closed down, restricted and your body tensed up. When you said the word “YES,” the opposite should have happened and you felt as if you opened up, expanded, and became lighter. So, the way we think can have the same positive or negative effect on our bodies, and this in turn affects the related chakra and endocrine gland/function, resulting in either proper functioning or dysfunction.

Most of our population today live with chronic pain, feel lonely, take prescription medication, are fatigued, or are unhappy with life and how they feel. These are not uncommon states and most are caused by their actions. Our job as practitioners is to educate people about how powerful their mind is. “[…][O]ur experiences in life are actually our own state of mind being projected outward.” (Truman 4). If we think of life and ourselves in positive, joyful, loving, and well-being manner, those qualities will project outward from us. Furthermore, having a positive state of mind will positive experiences to us.

As you have seen, there are many ways to cultivate Chi within the body. You can use nutrition, breathing exercises, chakra exercises, meditation and/or personal massage. I have provided you with many tools to assist both you and your clients with having a life full of happiness and health. Health, as you can see, is not just eating healthy foods, it encompasses many aspects within the internal and external parts of our lives. Start taking responsibility for yourself, love yourself, and cultivate Chi to be healthy!

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