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HEALTH CONCERN? BioHealth Health Concerns

Changing the Future of Dentistry

Contributing Author: Hansen, Richard D.M.D.

Richard HansenDr. Hansen received his BS in biological sciences from USC in 1972 and his degree in dentistry from Washington University in 1976. He is the member of over 16 professional societies, and is on the faculty at UCLA. Dr. Hansen's practice in Fullerton was the actual FDA clearance site for laser treatment. He is extensively published in magazines, journals, and popular press and has appeared on several television programs including Good Morning America, The Discovery Channel, ABC-CBS- and NBC News. 

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Imagine a future where no one fears going to the dentist. Imagine a dental visit that did not involve shots and drills but instead focused on laser cleanings and vaporizing any decay with a laser without hurting good tooth structure. Imagine a future that virtually has no adult dental disease, no cavities, no root canals, and no crowns. Instead, using saliva and electromagnetic, biofeedback energy as a diagnostic tools, the dentist can assess the status of whole body health and give advice on improving health. Where a trip to the dentist may mean detecting a disease process in the body years before any symptoms show up and where correcting the course of the disease is simple and easy. That future may be sooner than we think if only we could get the dentists to look at their profession a different way and start using new techniques and technology that is here today.

Dentistry is an unpleasant subject that many people, including most health care practitioners, don't want to talk about. In fact most people don't even want to think about dentistry because it conjures up these horrible images/ of what they, themselves have gone through. Yet even though we don't want to deal with the subject, many health care practitioners are beginning to recognize that the mouth may be the center of our health. If you think about it, the mouth is the focus of many things; communication, beauty, sexual attractiveness, our sense organs; and it's the beginning of our health through nutrition, digestion and immunity. It is the center for our survival and as such the brain devotes an enormous amount of it's sensory, data gathering ability on the oral area.

Unfortunately dentistry is feared, avoided, not well understood by most, and the brunt of jokes and negative stereotyping in the media. However, many in the heath care field have begun to appreciate the serious implications on our health with present dental practices. The most significant influences to our health from dentistry comes from 1) the dental materials placed in the mouth which contain many chemicals and heavy metals known to seriously affect a patient's health, 2) root canals and bone disease that included chronic infections, neurotoxins, lymphatic and circulatory disorders 3) the TMJ, jaw relationships, neuro-muscular influences, neuralgia and pain disorders, as well as sensory feedback signals to the brain that influence neurotransmitter activity 4) the electromagnetism and electro galvanic effects of having metal in the mouth 5) bacteria from the mouth and periodontal tissues contributing to many chronic disorders such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even pregnancy problems.

Dental factors have been associated not only with the cause but also with the cure of chronic disease. A number of cases are on record in which "incurable" conditions have been reversed following dental overhaul. It is therefore vital that patients and dentists alike understand and appreciate the significance of each and everything done in the oral area. Dentists need to change their treatment techniques and materials. They must stop implanting hazardous materials and electric batteries in such a sensitive area of the body that gives the body negative signals 24 hours of every day. And the benefit if they do change is that we may be able to eliminate the need for virtually all adult dentistry, since most adult dentistry is working on teeth that a dentist has already drilled and filled. Wouldn't that be a wonderful future!